Our Offshore Software Product Development and software engineering processes are at par with CMMI and ISO-9001 Standards. We ensure a very strong commitment to the quality of the software product we engineer. After all, the products need to meet the expectations of the customers and exceed the quality of the competitors. We ensure using our global delivery models that the outsourced product development is world class.

Our software quality assurance team does rigorous functional, system, integration, performance and usability testing before we release the software. Our engineering processes are constantly improving so that we produce quality software, faster. We are evolving the best practices for successful execution of outsourced software development. Offshore product development with us gives you tremendous cost advantage, while maintaining extremely superior quality.

Genentech Solutions are always focused on Efficient, Rapid , Reliable and Robust Software Product Development to meet "time to market" requirements of our clients. A dedicated offshore software development team of top class Microsoft .NET professionals will provide the Product engineering services with proper quality assurance testing. Genentech Solutions Software Solutions ensure the quality and reliability of the software products which are built by us are above par.

Some of the most important aspects of our software development and collaboration processes, which aim at

software quality assurance:

Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration Very strong emphasis on Software Testing – analysis, plan, design and execute. Automation of testing, environment and data increases efficiency. Detailed documentation throughout engineering process. Quality Management – root cause analysis, bug report analysis, constant process improvemen