Our Offshore Software Product Development and software engineering processes are at par with CMMI and ISO-9001 Standards. We ensure a very strong commitment to the quality of the software product we engineer. After all, the products need to meet the expectations of the customers and exceed the quality of the competitors. We ensure using our global delivery models that the outsourced product development is world class.

Businesses depend on software for their overall success. Genentech is a leading consulting firm specializing in programs that empower companies and government agencies to assure their software applications are secure and reliable while enabling them to dramatically improve how they build and deploy software.

Our clients develop business critical systems in a wide variety of fields ranging from financial and government services to embedded software. Genentech technical employees must be familiar with the technologies employed in these areas: distributed component architectures, database management systems, smart cards, real-time embedded systems and intelligent devices, to name just a few.

If you are interested in working for Genentech Solutions, contact us via hr@genentechsolutions.com Our Personnel Manager will approach to you within 2 business days and may send you additional questionnaire, if needed. In any case, your position will be placed in our database of resumes.

Please send us your resume and declare a position you are aiming at. It may be .NET Developer, Database Engineer, Java Developer, Functional Tester, Technical Tester. Please put "Resume" and "Your position" as a subject of your email.